• Solution: Community Portal
  • Industry: Travel / Entertainment
  • Technology Domain: PHP Development
  • Technologies Used: PHP, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, XHTML, MySQL, Apache server, SSL, HTTP, SMTP is a leisure and community portal for travelers. It is designed as a magazine reporting feature articles about traveling and culture from an artistic and educational perspective. JumpArtist community system provides users the ability to create and publish weblogs and photos as well as browse and search friends and users. From the user’s perspective JumpArtist resembles a content management system. From the administrator’s perspective it provides powerful moderation capabilities. The main idea of the project was to create a solution that helps deliver relevant content to the users in large communities (which may have sub-communities or smaller groups within them). .

Oil and Gas: Eurasia

  • Solution: Online Magazine
  • Industry: Mass Media
  • Technology Domain: PHP Development
  • Technologies Used: PHP, AJAX, Javascript, RSS, XHTML, MySQL, Apache

Bilingual B2B online magazine for Oil and Gas industry professionals. The customer needed to replace the legacy system based on obsolete technologies. IDEAS PLUS designed and developed from scratch new scalable application with improved architecture and enhanced functionality such as: articles management, press releases publication, events calendar, newsletter, recruitment area, advertisement space management, glossary, RSS and integration with 3d party data feeds.

Avid Teamworks

  • Solution: Corporate Communication Solution
  • Industry: Consumer Services
  • Technology Domain: PHP Development
  • Technologies Used: PHP, phpGroupWare, DHTML, PHP 4, JavaScript

Corporate collaboration tool that enables an effective information exchange inside and outside the company. Incorporating various channels (phone, fax, website, e-mail, etc) this web-based application facilitates multilateral communications with clients. The system contains 4 main modules: projects, documents, contacts and mailings. Additional modules are tasks, notes and discussions.

Irish Hosting Company

  • Solution: Corporate Website with back-end workflow management
  • Industry: IT Managed Services
  • Technology Domain: PHP / Flash Development
  • Technologies Used: PHP, XHTML 1.1, Flash 8, MySQL, Apache server

The website was developed for a 10 years old web design and hosting company located in Cork, Ireland. The website incorporates a robust content management system (CMS). The system enables easy site administration including pages content update, site structure management, contact details management, and much more. The CMS automates management of company’s portfolio, news section and articles sections. Integrated search makes the navigation easier for site visitors.

Glaskoch Supplies Management

  • Solution: Supplies & Orders Management System
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Technology Domain: PHP Development
  • Technologies Used: PHP, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, XHTML, MySQL, Apache server, SSL, HTTP, SMTP

This software has been specially designed to optimize and simplify the stock and suppliers management process, allowing the customer to facilitate the process of goods delivering. At the heart of the project is the procurement process presented by several stages: offer making, validation, notifications, delivery arrangements and some other.