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Communities and Networks


  • Solution: Social Media Network
  • Industry: Ecommerce
  • Technology Domain: .NET / AJAX Development
  • Technologies Used: ASP.NET, AJAX, Web Services, C#, MS SQL, IIS 6.0

AtBizz is a new concept social media network that allows user to sell and buy digital content through the web. The system has lots of features for convenient and secure operations: robust products management, user profiling and administration, advanced search, commission system, secure payment processing, advanced content management and back-end system administration to name just a few. Community functionality including built-in messaging system, commenting and ratings options provides convenient tools for collaboration between users.


  • Solution: Community Portal
  • Industry: Travel / Entertainment
  • Technology Domain: PHP Development
  • Technologies Used: PHP, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, XHTML, MySQL, Apache server, SSL, HTTP, SMTP

JumpArtist.com is a leisure and community portal for travelers. It is designed as a magazine reporting feature articles about traveling and culture from an artistic and educational perspective. JumpArtist community system provides users the ability to create and publish weblogs and photos as well as browse and search friends and users. From the user’s perspective JumpArtist resembles a content management system. From the administrator’s perspective it provides powerful moderation capabilities. The main idea of the project was to create a solution that helps deliver relevant content to the users in large communities (which may have sub-communities or smaller groups within them). .


  • Solution: Community and Travel Portal
  • Industry: Travel
  • Technology Domain: .NET / AJAX Development
  • Technologies Used: C#, JavaScript, AJAX.NET, NHibernate, Web services, memcached, MS SQL 2005, IIS, NUnit

The project is a social networking and travel portal. It is a true Web 2.0 solution combining a variety of online services. An advanced GUI based on the AJAX technology, including simultaneously interacting windows with floating function brings desktop interactivity to the Web. With the help of the portal users can search travel destination, book hotels and flights. ScrybeTM technology enables people to offer and accept rideshares within a 30 mile area. Users may communicate with each other, share opinions about different places to go and much more.

Shopping Carts Forum

  • Solution: Online Forum
  • Industry: Information Technology
  • Technology Domain: PHP Development
  • Technologies Used: PHP, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, XHTML, MySQL, Apache server, SSL, HTTP, SMTP

This solution is a customization of the well known open-source phpBB forum engine. The system contains different features allowing visitors to communicate and discuss various shopping carts and related issues. Free registration enables visitors to gain full posting privileges, access to private messaging, optional email notification and other options.