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Customer Management

Leonardo CRM

  • Solution: Customer Management and Collaboration
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Technology Domain: Java EE Development
  • Technologies Used: J2EE, JavaMail, JavaScript, DHTML, Jakarta Tomcat 4, MySQL

The solution is a comprehensive tool that contains elements of CRM solution and assists in communication of employees, partners, and company management. The system is an Internet/Extranet/Intranet solution, available 24x7 from any part of the world.

ROCA Customer Management

  • Solution: Contact Management System
  • Industry: Construction
  • Technology Domain: .NET Development
  • Technologies Used: C#, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, XHTML, ASP .NET, XML/XSLT, MSSQL, Microsoft IIS, SSL, HTTP, SMTP

The Contact Management System with advanced contact management, import/export of contacts, clients grouping, advanced search with various criteria, communication tools. The system contains user management tools to assign user rights. MS SQL database enables reliable and effective work with large number of records stored (several millions). The solution is an effective contact management tool that automates the processes and the company workflow greatly reducing probability of human error.

Service Orders

  • Solution: Clients’ Orders Management System
  • Industry: Consumer Services
  • Technology Domain: Visual Basic Development
  • Technologies Used: VB, ASP, HTML/DHTML, MSSQL, Microsoft IIS, HTTP

Intranet system aimed to help company technical staff to manage customers’ service orders requests. The application has been integrated with the client ERP system.