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  • Solution: Payment System and Affiliate Marketing Network
  • Industry: Ecommerce
  • Technology Domain: Java EE Development
  • Technologies Used: Java 1.5, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, XML, Apache Struts framework, Spring framework, Hibernate

The main objective of the project was to develop a flexible and easy-to-use system for promoting and selling goods using Web-services. The system embraces the payment gateway system capable of processing various payments such as electronic cards, Paypal, Stormpay, Google Checkout etc. and the marketplace and the affiliate system to promote and sell products. The solution combines the most successful elements of such systems as clickbank.com, www.paydotcom.com and www.2co.com to provide the users with a full range of merchant services and advanced promotion and tracking tools.

Online Gaming Portal

  • Solution: Multi-portal Content Management System
  • Industry: Entertainment
  • Technology Domain: Java EE Development
  • Technologies Used: Java 1.5, AJAX, Oracle 10g, WebLogic, Apache (running under Solaris OS), jBMP, Hibernate

Multi-portal Content Management System (CMS) for one of the leading online casino gambling providers. The systems combines extended CMS dynamic functions such as publishing workflows management, feeds loading, geo-IP logic, content scheduling, multivariate testing, analytics system integration, etc. with traditional portal content management features, such as content editing, articles pagination, drafting, versioning, publishing, etc.

Oil and Gas: Eurasia

  • Solution: Online Magazine
  • Industry: Mass Media
  • Technology Domain: PHP Development
  • Technologies Used: PHP, AJAX, Javascript, RSS, XHTML, MySQL, Apache

Bilingual B2B online magazine for Oil and Gas industry professionals. The customer needed to replace the legacy system based on obsolete technologies. IDEAS PLUS designed and developed from scratch new scalable application with improved architecture and enhanced functionality such as: articles management, press releases publication, events calendar, newsletter, recruitment area, advertisement space management, glossary, RSS and integration with 3d party data feeds.


  • Solution: Specialized Recruitment Portal
  • Industry: HR and Recruiting
  • Technology Domain: .NET Development
  • Technologies Used: C#, JavaScript, XHTML, ASP .NET, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft IIS

PTUnited is a specialized recruitment portal targeting the physical therapy market. The solution offers different tools for potential candidates and employers. Jobs and resumes postings, advanced search capabilities, different communication tools, content personalization, multi-level subscriptions, etc. all backed with a robust software administration system.

Styling DK

  • Solution: Ecommerce Portal
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Technology Domain: .NET Development
  • Technologies Used: C#, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, XHTML, ASP .NET, XML/XSLT, MSSQL, Microsoft IIS, SSL, HTTP, SMTP

Ecommerce autoparts portal with online payment, shipping, promotional packages, gift certificate system, advanced search, etc. Robust back-office business operations management system includes product catalog administration, workflow/orders management, supply chain and stock management, client management and operations statistics.